Original GEMS Life Program

Original G·E·M·S Life Program | The GEM Juice Bar

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Original G·E·M·S Life.

Commit to Shine Brighter with this daily playbook formed around The GEM’s founding principles. Here’s how: Choose one practice to do daily out of each Original G·E·M·S category, Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, Shine. Start as small or as big as you want, add in more practices as you go, and grow with the program! Learn about the categories and find practices to choose from below!


Find your joy with these habits of reflection. 

Gratitude Journal: Write down 3 things you’re thankful for every day. 

Daily Mantra: Pick an affirmation and repeat it to yourself all day.   

Three Wishes: Wish three people happiness, health and peace of mind. 

Smile: Go out of your way to make someone smile. 

Small acts of kindness: Buy the person behind you their juice! Compliment a stranger (or a friend!)

Eat Clean

Practices that keep your body looking and feeling great.

80/20: Fill one meal plate each day with 80% veggies and 20% meat.

Be Green: Add an extra serving of greens to one meal (juice counts!)

Eat Clean: Nothing processed, nothing artificial, no sweeteners.

Go Organic: Always buy organic when buying the dirty dozen — or all together.

Sugar Cleanse: No added sugar in anything (and maybe no booze since that’s sugar too).


Daily movement makes your body strong and your mood bright.

15 Minute Mobility: Stretching, dancing, yoga, you name it. 15 minutes.  

Mini-Moves: Sneak in a quick walk.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

A New Gym: Try a new short online video somewhere new. Get creative.

Exercise Different: Try out something new like boxing, jump on the trampoline, use a kickboard.  

7 Minutes: Do 7 minutes of your favorite exercise every day.


Restorative ideas to care for your body and soul. 

Meditate: 10 minutes of mindfulness creates a more peaceful mind. Try the CALM app.

Space for Sleep: Darken the room, drop the temperature and enjoy your slumber. 

No Screens Before Bedtime: We mean it. 30 minutes or more. Read a book. Write in a journal. 

Take a Bath: Raise your internal temperature to increase sleep quality. 

Self Care: Supplements like magnesium and turmeric can calm inflammation.  

Treat Your Aches: Stretching, massage, and foam rollers can solve the aches, pains, and built up tensions.