Taking off with Southwest

Taking off with Southwest – Interview tips for launching your career | LinkedIn Article

At Southwest Airlines, we intentionally spend an inordinate amount of time on the interviewing process to ensure each candidate we select Lives and Works the Southwest Way. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best candidates – those who have a Servant’s Heart, a Warrior Spirit, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude.

Interviewing doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled experience. We are honored to be recognized by the Talent Board and our employment candidates as one of the 50 highest-rated companies in the 2017 North American Candidate Experience Awards. If you are considering a career with Southwest, these interview tips can help you stand out from the crowd:  

  1. Do your homework. In order to really succeed in your new job, you have to enjoy the work itself. Before you even accept an interview, make sure the job is something you would really enjoy doing. Check out Glassdoor to read verified Employee reviews specific to your new role. Reach out to your LinkedIn Connections who are current or former Employees of Southwest. Most of our Employees see their job as a calling, not merely a stepping stone.
  2. Be honest and sincere. Show your authentic self during the interview and answer questions honestly. If the job requires a certain level of experience or specific knowledge you don’t have, it’s okay to disclose that. Your other skills and experience can make up for what you lack in some areas. Or, there may be another opportunity that is a better fit for you. 
  3. Don’t embellish your experience or feel like you need to “cover up” for a gap in employment. You need to feel confident that any job you accept is one that you will perform well.
  4. Come prepared with questions. Remember that this is also your time to interview our Company. Be prepared to ask questions about the job and about our Company’s Culture. You want to make sure that the job is one you will enjoy, and that the Company’s values align with yours. We spend a lot of time at work, so it is vital that we enjoy what we do, and who we are doing it for.

Above all, don’t take yourself too seriously. Prepare as best you can, taking these suggestions into consideration, and you’ll be taking off with a career at Southwest in no time! To learn more, visit southwest.com/careers.