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About Us

Our clothes grew out of a heartfelt desire to share our small-town life with you through fashion. We believe in our values: faith, family, hard work and honesty. Those values mean your relationship with us is personal, and we pride ourselves in offering top-notch customer service—the Texas way! We offer in-stock items, fast turnarounds, low minimums, and zip-code protection.

Our History

We were founded by Chad and Mendy Riggins, who come from families that have called the same Texas panhandle town home for three generations. They formed Texas True Threads in 2016 using their twenty years of apparel and screen-printing experience. We have been blessed and humbled by exponential growth, driven by over 4000 hard-working boutique owners all over the world. It’s been an honor to be part of this community and family that’s sprung up around Texas True Threads — and we hope you’ll join us

Our Values

True to You.

No matter how much we grow — and we’ve grown a whole heck of alot! — loyalty matters! With us, you’re getting more than product, you’re getting a relationship through good times and bad.

Small-Town Manners.

Call us old fashioned, but honesty, hard-work, treating other people well — we believe in those things. We don’t know any different, and prefer to keep it that way.

American Made.

Providing good jobs matters. And we work to do that for our friends, family and community members. And that won’t ever change.

Hustle and Hard-Work Pay Off.

We know you work hard, so we work hard too. And it’s paid off with exponential growth!

Faith First.

We get to bring His light into the world every day — and if we can make your day brighter and easier, then we believe we’re doing His work.

Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do.

Stick to your word, and the rest takes care of itself. That’s been true for us from the beginning. Don’t believe us? Ask around.